MVO Partner

What is MVO?

MVO, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), means a company becomes responsible for how business activities affect man and the environment. The company makes well-considered choices to reach a perfect balance between People, Planet and Profit. Het Palet sponsors projects to help society change for the better. For instance, we have been supporting a local hospital in Tanakupenda in Africa.

Since November 2010 Het Palet has been supporting a hospital in Kiminini, Kenya. During this project our colleague and ultrasound operator Chantal van Irsen-Jacobs spent three weeks in this country, teaching local doctors how to perform pregnancy ultrasounds on pregnant women in and around the village. Thanks to our midwifery centre’s financial sponsorship and our cooperation partner the prenatal centre Bovenmaas in Rotterdam, we were able to perform safe ultrasounds also in this part of the world. We hope we will contribute to having a better risk selection for mother and child during pregnancy.


“One of every 14 pregnant women in Africa dies during pregnancy. One of every 100 newborns dies too. Of all pregnant women in the world, African women are facing the worst risks, mainly because professional obstetric help is nonexistent. That is why I (Chantal van Irsen) decided to train staff at a small hospital in the country of Kiminini (Kenya) and teach them how to perform ultrasounds. I hope pregnant women in this village will receive better healthcare. It is a very modest first step. And hopefully many more will follow… Tunakupenda in Swahili means 'we love you’."

MVO Nederland