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Protecting your privacy is important to us. We process data in accordance with the law and observe the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG).

Contact details
Het Palet
Burg. de Bruïnelaan 14
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Telephone number : 078 – 630 97 24

If you have any questions, please contact us at, as we are responsible for processing your data.

The data that we process
In order to provide our services, we process, among other things, name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. In addition, data that you send us yourself, such as the information on the online registration form and/or e-mails to have a medical ultrasound performed with us.

Applications and internship requests
We assume that you agree to the processing of your data when you apply to us or send us an internship request. We only keep the data to the extent that it is relevant during recruitment and selection. We do not keep the any data longer than necessary unless we discuss this with you in advance, for example, because you have indicated that you wish to be available for an internship or a job for a longer period of time.

Use of data
If you are a relation/chain partner of ours, we can keep you informed of our services through (digital) mailings, for example. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing us. Even if we send you a digital mailing, you can always unsubscribe from it by following a link.

Additionally, we use Google Analytics to analyse the behaviour on our website, but we do not do this on a personal level.

Sharing data
We do not share or sell your (medical) data with/to third parties. We only share your (medical) data if it is necessary for the fulfilment of an ultrasound report to the referring healthcare professional, if you have given your verbal and/or written consent.

We enter into an agreement with our chain partners/subcontractors so that they are just as careful with data as we are.

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Deleting cookies
Once cookies have been placed on your PC, tablet or mobile you can delete them via your browser settings.

Viewing, modifying or deleting data
You have the right to view, correct or have your (medical) data removed. You can send us an email for this.

Protection of personal data
We take appropriate measures against abuse, unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure. We use an SSL certificate for the website. As a result, your personal data is encrypted and therefore transmitted more securely. If you think there are indications of misuse, please contact us.

Client information Peridos


Peridos: your data will be stored

Like all other ultrasound screening centres in the Netherlands, Het Palet supplies data to Peridos. Peridos is the national perinatological (pregnancy, childbirth, maternity) database in which data from prenatal screenings is recorded. Peridos contains the data of healthcare providers and healthcare institutions that have a contract with one of the 8 regional centres. These contracts include conducting counselling sessions and carrying out prenatal screening: Anatomy Scan (20-week ultrasound) and nuchal translucency measurement (combination test). Furthermore, care-related data is recorded in order to provide insight into the quality of prenatal screening.

Use of your data

If you decide to take part in the screening, this means that your data will be used for this purpose. This data is needed to be able to make a diagnosis and possibly offer treatment, and to ensure the quality of care. That data is recorded in a database called Peridos. This is a system used by all healthcare providers involved in prenatal screening in the Netherlands. However, only healthcare providers who are involved in your screening can access your data. The system is optimally secured to guarantee your privacy.

The regional centre can also access the data in Peridos. The regional centre coordinates the screening programme and monitors the quality of its implementation by all healthcare providers involved. It is licenced for this by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). The screening must meet national quality standards. The regional center monitors quality on the basis of data in Peridos, among other things. The healthcare providers themselves are also involved in quality assurance. Sometimes they have to compare data with each other. Your healthcare provider can give you more information on the protection of your data.

If you wish, your personal data can be deleted from Peridos after the screening. Please tell your obstetrician.

Scientific research

Besides your healthcare providers and the regional centre, nobody can access your personal data. Only anonymous data is used for statistics, for example, how many pregnant women make use of prenatal screening. This means that the data cannot be traced back to you as a person in any way. Not even by those who compile the statistics.

This also applies to scientific research. Scientific research is needed to continuously improve prenatal screening. This is almost always done exclusively with anonymous data. As many precautions as possible have been taken to ensure that the data cannot be traced back to you or your child. In exceptional cases, traceable data is required for scientific research. You don’t want your data to be used in an exceptional case? Please tell your obstetrician.

Of course, your decision will not affect the way you are treated before, during or after the screening.

Want to know more?

The complete privacy regulations on prenatal screening can be found HERE.
Or check the Peridos website: Peridos en privacy

Do you have any other questions? Your obstetrician can help you further.