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Prenatal screening privacy

Het Palet is obliged to share some personal and medical details in a national database called Peridos, to help protect the quality and promote scientific prenatal screening research. Your healthcare provider will inform you about Peridos while discussing prenatal screening. If you do not wish to have your details saved in Peridos, make sure you inform the ultrasound operator.
All prenatal screening privacy instructions can be found here.
Or you may visit Peridos’ website:

What is Peridos?

Peridos is a national system into which prenatal screening data are saved. It is a perinatal (around birth) file to help regional prenatal screening centres in the Netherlands protect the screening quality. Het Palet, like all other screening centres in the Netherlands, submits data in Peridos.

Peridos contains information on healthcare providers and healthcare organisations that have entered into a contract with one of the eight regional centres. These contracts relate to counselling discussions and prenatal screening sessions held: Structural Echoscopic Examination (20 weeks’ ultrasound) and NT-measurement (combined test).

Healthcare data are recorded to help monitor the quality of prenatal screening tests.
On request, after the screening test your personal data will be removed from Peridos. Make sure you inform your obstetrician.
For more information you may visit Peridos’ website: